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Main Group Meeting Thursdays 5:00 pm YH 2050

Aggregates Subgroup Wednesdays 10:00 am YH 3077A

Nanoplatelets/Triplets Subgroup Tuesdays 10:00 am YH 3077A

Spectroscopy Subgroup Tuesdays 11:00 am YH 3077A

MFOCCs Meeting Tuesdays 1:30 pm


3/29/2021 Congrats to Azmain Hossain and Laurie Tan for winning best poster awards at University of California Chemical Symposium, 2021! (under physical and materials subdivisions respectively).

2/9/2021 Justin is named as a Cottrell Scholar. Congratulations Justin!

2/2/2021 Ashley is featured in an article on UCLA Newsroom. Check out how CNSI Nanoscience Outreach program is adapting to remote learning here.

1/15/2021 Anu’s article is featured in C&EN periodical Grad school, in students’ own words.

12/16/2020 Congrats to Laurie for getting into the undergrad research fellows program!

11/30/2020 Congratulations to Mikayla for receiving the Jeanette Duval Undergraduate Scholarship!

10/26/2020 Ashley is one of the four graduate students across UCLA to win the inaugural Center for Quantum Science and Engineering Fellowship. Congrats!

9/2/2020 Congrats to Laurie Tan for the Ethel Terry McCoy Award for Outstanding Women students in Chemistry & Biochemistry!

6/5/2020 Congratulations to Anu for receiving the Dissertation Year Fellowship!

5/30/2020 Congratulations to our bright undergraduates Azmain Hossain and Laurie Tan who received departmental summer research fellowships! Looking forward to a summer with exciting research.

5/30/2020 Congratulations to Ashley for winning the Micheal E. Jung Excellence in Teaching Award!

5/20/2020 Hannah wins the Graduate Council Diversity Fellowship for her exemplary dedication to diversity in academic, professional, and service activities. Congratulations, Hannah!

1/30/2020 Anthony presents lastest work on decay associated Fourier spectroscopy with balanced detection at Pacific Conference on Spectroscopy and Dynamics (Western Spectroscopy Meeting), San Diego

1/9/2020 Congrats team on the NSF Early Career Development Award! Exciting science coming up on SWIR nanocrystals.

11/23/2019 Stephanie wins the best poster award at Seaborg Symposium. Congrats, Steph! Also pictured our group at the following reception.

11/23/2019 Graduate students from our group presented posters at Seaborg Symposium honoring Prof. Paul Alivisatos. Justin’s post-doc advisor Prof. Moungi Bawendi also gave a talk on SWIR imaging.

11/03/2019 Our booth at Exploring Your Universe, UCLA’s annual science fair! We had demos on phosphorescence, oobleck (non-newtonian fluids), interference of waves and more!

10/17/2019 Congratulations to Hannah Friedman and Ashley Shin for the Early Career Fellowship from the Center for Diverse Leadership in Science at UCLA.

09/10/2019 Summer undergraduates, Youngja He (Left) and Xingyu Shen (right), present their research at poster sessions!

07/19/2019 Justin and Anu present for GRC in Boston.

06/24/2019 Graduation time! Good luck to the class of 2019 and to our undergraduate Danielle Cadena

06/04/2019 Our farewell dinner to Danielle Cadena (DC) as she graduates to pursue a Ph.D at UT Austin. Good Luck DC!

04/22/2019 Congratulations to Anu Deshmukh for winning the Excellence in Second Year Academics and Research from UCLA Chemistry Department.

Picture Courtesy of Penny Jennings

04/22/2019 Congratulations to our undergraduate Zack Ferrin for winning the Howard Reiss Memorial Fund Summer Research Fellowship

04/15/2019 UCLA welcomes Justin’s former Ph.D adviser
Professor Gregory Engel (The University of Chicago) for the Richard Bernstein Lecture ( )

04/12/2019 Lab members, Austin Bailey,
Anu Deshmukh, and Hannah Friedman present their research at Southern California Inorganic Photochemistry Symposium.

03/07/2019 Spotlight on Justin as a mentor for the Center of Diverse Leadership in Sciences with inaugural student,
Dayanni Bhagwandin .

02/25/2019 Hannah participating in an outreach program with CNSI, spreading the joy of science!

02/08/2019 Congratulations to our very own Stephanie for being awarded the Irving and Jean Stone Graduate Fellowship!

02/07/2019 Went to celebrate Danielle’s last day with some ice cream!

02/07/2019 Percy joining us for sub group meeting!

02/02/2019 Saying goodbye to one of our amazing undergrads, Danielle Koppel, before she leaves to study abroad in New Zealand. Good luck, DK!

01/17/2019 Anu, Hannah, and Tim went to present their research at the Pacific Conference of Spectroscopy and Dynamics San Diego

01/17/2019 Started the new year right by installing our new laser tables in the lab

12/17/2018 Celebrating the end of the quarter with some beer and bowling!

11/10/2018 Some lab members presented posters at the Seaborg Symposium. In the photo is Justin with Danielle. Other presenters were Hannah, Anu, and Tim.

10/15/2018 The joint project for the Quantum Computing project gains funding from the Department of Energy. More info in the link:

8/28/2018 Congratulations to Hannah for passing her candidacy exam! Fun

8/14/2018 Anu passed her candidacy exams! Celebrated with some champagne

8/10/2018 Celebrating Victoria’s last day the lab

8/6/2018 Building some cabinets for the lab space, now we’re organized!

7/6/2018 Celebrating Jimmy’s last day! (It was 100 degrees outside)


6/8/2018 Moved into our new lab space!  Come visit  YH4086!

IMG-0636 (1)

Celebrating with frozen yogurt

6/1/2018 Welcome Jimmy Kim, a high school student joining us for the summer from the Peddie School.  Jimmy will work on instrument development and programming.

5/14/2018  Welcome Victoria Vilchez, visiting student from ESPCI.  Victoria will be working with us on nanocrystal synthesis and spectroscopy!

4/25/2018 Visiting high school students at East Los Angeles Renaissance Academy (ELARA) to tell them about being a chemistry professor at UCLA.  Met a few future Bruins!

3/7/2018 The Caram group attends the APS meeting.


2/12/2018 Undergraduates Danielle Koppel, Danielle Cadena, and Mikayla Sonnleitner have received summer research fellowships! They will work with us on a range of projects, from designing new quantum dots to computing spectral properties of molecular aggregates.

1/19/2018 Opening up our new offices in style…

Image uploaded from iOS (2)

1/10/2018 Danielle Cadena is a recipient of research support from the Undergraduate Research Fellowship Program (URFP)  She will be working with us on making growing new aggregates and crystals!  Congrats Danielle!

1/2/2018 Chemical and Engineering News featured some of our work on their photoblog Chemistry in Pictures



11/22/2017 Work from Justin’s postdoctoral research was recently published in Nano Letters!  Congratulations Francesca and coworkers!


11/7/2017- Justin is now a member of the California Nanosystems Institute (CNSI)!  We look forward to working in the institute on imaging questions. 


11/5/2017 – Caram group members participate in UCLA’s Explore your universe event, showing off the absorption and emission of everyday items. 

10/2/2017 – Justin presents/conducts research at the European Laboratory for Non-Linear Spectroscopy.  We would like to thank the LASERLAB Europe for their support, and look forward to continued collaboration!

9/1/2017 – The Caram Group is excited to welcome Dr. Timothy Atallah as a postdoctoral researcher.  Tim joins us from Columbia University, where he did his PhD under Professor X-. Y-. Zhu.

8/23/2017 – Justin presents in the COLL section of the American Chemical Society on “Understanding and Manipulating QD photoluminescence linewidths.”

8/15/2017 – Maly Cosco (graduate student in Sletten group) has published her paper “Flavylium polymethine fluorophores for imaging in the near- and shortwave infrared.”  Justin contributed imaging and spectroscopy expertise.  Congrats Maly!

7/25/2017 – Justin is selected from the Photochemistry GRC poster session to present his his research on “Pathologically Coherent Molecular Excitons.”

Copy of DSC_1536.jpg

7/5/2017 – Lab opens!  We are excited to welcome Graduate Students Anu Deshmukh and Hannah Friedman and undergraduate Danielle Koppel as student researchers!