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Main Group Meeting Thursdays 4:00 p.m. YH 2033

Aggregates Subgroup Tuesdays 3:00 p.m. YH 3077A

Nanoplatelets/Triplets Subgroup Fridays 11:00 a.m. YH 3064

Spectroscopy Subgroup Tuesdays 11:00 a.m. YH 2033

MFOCCs Meeting Wednesdays 10:00 a.m. Zoom


2/28/2023 Justin was awarded The Journal of Physical Chemistry C Lectureship. Congrats Justin!

2/23/2023 Congrats to Anthony for completing his Exit Seminar!

2/16/2023 Congrats to Ashley for completing her Exit Seminar!

2/15/2023 Congratulations to Justin for winning the 2023 Sloan Research Fellow from the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation!

12/1/2022 Justin’s presentation at the 2022 MRS Fall Meeting & Exhibit was highlighted on the MRS Meeting Scene website! The talk featured our quantum confined nanoplatelet project. Great work to all who contributed!

11/6/2022 Richard did a great job leading our booth “Illuminating the World of Molecules” at this year’s Exploring Your Universe (EYU) science fair! It was a hit!

10/27/2022 Congrats to Stephanie for completing her Exit Seminar!

10/14/2022 Barry, Belle and Ben did a great job representing the Caram group at the Southern California Inorganic Photochemistry (SCIP) conference!

9/13/2022 Congratulations to Ashely Shin and her teammates Lajoyce Mboning (Bouchard group) and Changling Zhao (Campbell group) for winning the “World-class Quantum chemistry with TKET” Hackathon Challenge at the Womanium Quantum Computing and Entrepreneurship Program. Great job!

8/25/2022 Anu, Ant, Barry and Jill represented the Caram group at ACS Fall! Congrats to Barry for his nomination and Anthony for winning the Outstanding Student Poster Award!

8/17/2022 Barry, Jill, Yongjia and Ben presented posters at the 2022 Seaborg Symposium. Great job, everyone!

6/30/2022 Congrats to Jill for winning the Michael E. Jung Excellence in Teaching Award!

5/13/2022 Congratulations to Justin for winning the 2022 Camille Dreyfus Teacher-Scholar Award! He is one of 18 recipients nationwide.

5/11/2022 Ashley and Stephanie did a great job representing our group at the 2022 MRS Spring Meeting & Exhibit. Stephanie was nominated for and Ashley won Best Poster Award! Congrats!

4/8/2022 Ashley Shin is one of four graduate students at UCLA to win the Charles E and Sue K Young Graduate Student Fellowship Award! Congratulations, Ashley!

4/4/2022 Laurie Tan is one of only two UCLA students to receive the prestigious Goldwater Scholarship in 2022. Congrats, Laurie!

11/18/2021 Congrats to Hannah for completing her Exit Seminar!

11/7/2021 Jill, Nadine, and Ashley led our group’s virtual booth “Illuminating the World of Molecules” at UCLA’s annual science fair Exploring Your Universe!

6/15/2021 Congrats to Hannah and Stephanie for winning the Michael E. Jung Excellence in Teaching Award!

6/4/2021 Our favorite postdoc Dr. Timothy Atallah bags the 2021 Postdoctoral Research Award. Congratulations, Tim! Tim will be starting his own lab as a faculty at Denison University in Fall.

5/13/2021 Caram group is going to slay the departmental awards ceremony with five awards in total! Hannah and Stephanie grab teaching awards for being exceptional TAs. Stephanie also won Excellence in Second Year Research Award. Ashley won Ralph & Charlene Bauer Award for excellence in research, teaching and service. And finally, Anu won the Thomas L. and Ruth F. Jacobs Dissertation Award for outstanding research during her PhD thesis. Congratulations to all recipients!

3/29/2021 Congrats to Azmain Hossain and Laurie Tan for winning best poster awards at University of California Chemical Symposium, 2021! (under physical and materials subdivisions, respectively).

3/18/2021 Congrats to Anu for completing her Exit Seminar!

2/9/2021 Justin is named as a Cottrell Scholar. Congratulations, Justin!

2/2/2021 Ashley is featured in an article on UCLA Newsroom. Check out how CNSI Nanoscience Outreach program is adapting to remote learning here.

1/15/2021 Anu’s article is featured in C&EN periodical Grad school, in students’ own words.

12/16/2020 Congrats to Laurie for getting into the undergrad research fellows program!

11/30/2020 Congratulations to Mikayla for receiving the Jeanette Duval Undergraduate Scholarship!

10/26/2020 Ashley is one of the four graduate students across UCLA to win the inaugural Center for Quantum Science and Engineering Fellowship. Congrats!

9/2/2020 Congrats to Laurie Tan for the Ethel Terry McCoy Award for Outstanding Women students in Chemistry & Biochemistry!

6/5/2020 Congratulations to Anu for receiving the Dissertation Year Fellowship!

5/30/2020 Congratulations to our bright undergraduates Azmain Hossain and Laurie Tan who received departmental summer research fellowships! Looking forward to a summer with exciting research.

5/30/2020 Congratulations to Ashley for winning the Michael E. Jung Excellence in Teaching Award!

5/20/2020 Hannah wins the Graduate Council Diversity Fellowship for her exemplary dedication to diversity in academic, professional, and service activities. Congratulations, Hannah!

1/30/2020 Anthony presents lastest work on decay associated Fourier spectroscopy with balanced detection at Pacific Conference on Spectroscopy and Dynamics (Western Spectroscopy Meeting), San Diego

1/9/2020 Congrats team on the NSF Early Career Development Award! Exciting science coming up on SWIR nanocrystals.

11/23/2019 Stephanie wins the best poster award at Seaborg Symposium. Congrats, Steph! Also pictured our group at the following reception.

11/23/2019 Graduate students from our group presented posters at Seaborg Symposium honoring Prof. Paul Alivisatos. Justin’s post-doc advisor Prof. Moungi Bawendi also gave a talk on SWIR imaging.

11/3/2019 Our booth at Exploring Your Universe, UCLA’s annual science fair! We had demos on phosphorescence, oobleck (non-newtonian fluids), interference of waves and more!

10/17/2019 Congratulations to Hannah Friedman and Ashley Shin for the Early Career Fellowship from the Center for Diverse Leadership in Science at UCLA.

9/10/2019 Summer undergraduates, Youngja He (Left) and Xingyu Shen (right), present their research at poster sessions!

7/19/2019 Justin and Anu present for GRC in Boston.

6/24/2019 Graduation time! Good luck to the class of 2019 and to our undergraduate Danielle Cadena

6/4/2019 Our farewell dinner to Danielle Cadena (DC) as she graduates to pursue a Ph.D at UT Austin. Good Luck DC!

4/22/2019 Congratulations to Anu Deshmukh for winning the Excellence in Second Year Academics and Research from UCLA Chemistry Department.

Picture Courtesy of Penny Jennings

4/22/2019 Congratulations to our undergraduate Zack Ferrin for winning the Howard Reiss Memorial Fund Summer Research Fellowship

4/15/2019 UCLA welcomes Justin’s former Ph.D adviser
Professor Gregory Engel (The University of Chicago) for the Richard Bernstein Lecture ( )

4/12/2019 Lab members, Austin Bailey,
Anu Deshmukh, and Hannah Friedman present their research at Southern California Inorganic Photochemistry Symposium.

3/7/2019 Spotlight on Justin as a mentor for the Center of Diverse Leadership in Sciences with inaugural student,
Dayanni Bhagwandin .

2/25/2019 Hannah participating in an outreach program with CNSI, spreading the joy of science!

2/8/2019 Congratulations to our very own Stephanie for being awarded the Irving and Jean Stone Graduate Fellowship!

2/7/2019 Went to celebrate Danielle’s last day with some ice cream!

2/7/2019 Percy joining us for sub group meeting!

2/2/2019 Saying goodbye to one of our amazing undergrads, Danielle Koppel, before she leaves to study abroad in New Zealand. Good luck, DK!

1/17/2019 Anu, Hannah, and Tim went to present their research at the Pacific Conference of Spectroscopy and Dynamics San Diego.

1/17/2019 Started the new year right by installing our new laser tables in the lab

12/17/2018 Celebrating the end of the quarter with some beer and bowling!

11/10/2018 Some lab members presented posters at the Seaborg Symposium. In the photo is Justin with Danielle. Other presenters were Hannah, Anu, and Tim.

10/15/2018 The joint project for the Quantum Computing project gains funding from the Department of Energy. More info in the link:

8/28/2018 Congratulations to Hannah for passing her candidacy exam! Fun

8/14/2018 Anu passed her candidacy exams! Celebrated with some champagne

8/10/2018 Celebrating Victoria’s last day the lab

8/6/2018 Building some cabinets for the lab space, now we’re organized!

7/6/2018 Celebrating Jimmy’s last day! (It was 100 degrees outside)


6/8/2018 Moved into our new lab space! Come visit YH4086! Celebrating with frozen yogurt!

IMG-0636 (1)

6/1/2018 Welcome Jimmy Kim, a high school student joining us for the summer from the Peddie School.  Jimmy will work on instrument development and programming.

5/14/2018  Welcome Victoria Vilchez, visiting student from ESPCI.  Victoria will be working with us on nanocrystal synthesis and spectroscopy!

4/25/2018 Visiting high school students at East Los Angeles Renaissance Academy (ELARA) to tell them about being a chemistry professor at UCLA.  Met a few future Bruins!

3/7/2018 The Caram group attends the APS meeting.


2/12/2018 Undergraduates Danielle Koppel, Danielle Cadena, and Mikayla Sonnleitner have received summer research fellowships! They will work with us on a range of projects, from designing new quantum dots to computing spectral properties of molecular aggregates.

1/19/2018 Opening up our new offices in style…

Image uploaded from iOS (2)

1/10/2018 Danielle Cadena is a recipient of research support from the Undergraduate Research Fellowship Program (URFP)  She will be working with us on making growing new aggregates and crystals!  Congrats Danielle!

1/2/2018 Chemical and Engineering News featured some of our work on their photoblog Chemistry in Pictures



11/22/2017 Work from Justin’s postdoctoral research was recently published in Nano Letters!  Congratulations Francesca and coworkers!

11/7/2017- Justin is now a member of the California Nanosystems Institute (CNSI)!  We look forward to working in the institute on imaging questions. 


11/5/2017 – Caram group members participate in UCLA’s Explore your universe event, showing off the absorption and emission of everyday items. 


10/2/2017 – Justin presents/conducts research at the European Laboratory for Non-Linear Spectroscopy.  We would like to thank the LASERLAB Europe for their support, and look forward to continued collaboration!

9/1/2017 – The Caram Group is excited to welcome Dr. Timothy Atallah as a postdoctoral researcher.  Tim joins us from Columbia University, where he did his PhD under Professor X-. Y-. Zhu.

8/23/2017 – Justin presents in the COLL section of the American Chemical Society on “Understanding and Manipulating QD photoluminescence linewidths.”

8/15/2017 – Maly Cosco (graduate student in Sletten group) has published her paper “Flavylium polymethine fluorophores for imaging in the near- and shortwave infrared.”  Justin contributed imaging and spectroscopy expertise.  Congrats Maly!

7/25/2017 – Justin is selected from the Photochemistry GRC poster session to present his his research on “Pathologically Coherent Molecular Excitons.”

7/5/2017 – Lab opens!  We are excited to welcome Graduate Students Anu Deshmukh and Hannah Friedman and undergraduate Danielle Koppel as student researchers!

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